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What is a loan term?
Private money loans are for 3, 6, 9, 12, 18 and 24 months.

Can you help me fund a loan for a home I want to buy to live in?
Yes and No.  Depends on the type of loan, what state it is located in.  Send me information on what you need and what state property is located in, and I will work on it to get you funding.  Most private money loans are for real estate investment non-owner occupied properties.  Buy fix and flip, or buy fix and rent.  email me at  Or you can fill out the form on the tab above, Contact Us.

What credit score do I need?
Private money loan is asset based, not credit score based.

Are there any penalties?
There are no pre-payment penalties.

Is there an application fee or any upfront fees that I have to give you before you start the loan process?
No application fees.  There will be an appraisal ordered for the property on the loan application, with a national appraisal company.  They will contact you directly for payment and for appointment after your loan application has been submitted.  We do not collect money for appraisals.  There will also be a collateral DNA ordered.  It is $25.00.  This will give you information on the property, the value, the neighborhood, what has sold recently and so much more.  The underwriters require this report to process the loan.

Can you provide a Proof Of Funds letter?


What are your rates?
Private money loan rates vary.  Where do you need to be?  We will match other private money lender rates.  Ask for more information.

Any additional questions, please send an email to:

One gets a private money / hard money loan for a few main reasons:

  • You found a great real estate investment property, and need funds without going into your savings.
  • You need cash quickly (conventional loans average 30 to 60 days at best). 
  • The residential investment property or commercial property you are buying does not qualify for an FHA or other conventional loan in that it needs some renovation/rehab.
  • You need a big loan in a short amount of time.
  • Investors can have credit challenges due to having several loans out, or investments that have gone down. Some credit challenges does not deter private money money lending.  Private money loans are asset based, not credit score based.

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